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Ken Wakui

The popular Japanese anime show Toky Revengers was written by Ken Wakui. In 2005, Wakui released his debut manga series, Shinjuku Swan, which performed well and won many rewards. After its success, Wakui launched Tokyo Revengers in 2017, which has also performed well.


Tokyo Revengers is based on the story of Ken Wakui, a gang member back in 2000. So Tokyo Revengers does draw inspiration from the author’s past as a gang member.


It is the story of 26 years old boy Takemichi Hanagaki who went into his past and tried to fix all miscommunications. In this, you will see gangs of schoolboys where everyone tries to prove themselves stronger than others.

Where Should You Start Reading The Manga After The Anime?

After watching 24 episodes of Tokyo Revengers completely, you can continue the story starting with chapter 74 which is part of volume 9 of the manga.

Story arc

  • Toman Arc

In this, Takemichi Hanagaki finds out his middle school ex-girlfriend, Hinata Tachibana, has died in a gang dispute sparked by the Tokyo Manji Gang. At Shinjuku train station, he was pushed off the platform by an unknown force. Eventually, he finds himself twelve years in the past, where he officially begins his quest to save Hina.

From 1 to 5 episodes, you will see the Toman Arc.

  • Moebius Arc

After Ken Ryuguji’s(Draken) death on August 3, 2005, in an unruly battle between the Tokyo Manji Gang and Shinjuku biker gang Moebius, Takemichi Hanagaki discovers that Manjiro Sano has changed. In an effort to prevent the conflict from occurring, Takemichi returns to the past once more.

From 6 to 12 episodes, you will see the Moebius Arc

  • Valhalla Arc

After witnessing the Hinata Tachibana’s death for the first time, Takemichi Hanagaki swears to save her by becoming the top member of the Tokyo Manji Gang in the Past.

From 13 to 24 episodes, you will see the Valhalla Arc.

  • Black dragon Arc

He finds out he has now become an administrator of the Tokyo Manji Gang on his twelfth-time leap. Tetta Kisaki remains in charge of Toman with the newfound allegiance of the former 10th Generation Black Dragon.

Naoto Tachibana arrests Takemichi for being a murderer contributing to Hinata Tachibana’s death, so Takemichi time leaps once more to save those he loves.

  • Tenjiku Arc

Manjiro Sano and Takemichi Hanagaki meet for the first time after years of separation. However, Mikey dies after he is shot by Naoto Tachibana in order to save Takemichi’s life. Having lost Mikey and the Tokyo Manji Gang admins, Takemichi aim to fix the past and stop the Tokyo Manji Gang from repeating its mistakes.

  • Bonten Arc

As of the present time, the Tokyo Manji Gang has disbanded and Hinata Tachibana is still alive. but, Takemichi Hanagaki discovers that Manjiro Sano has become the head of Japan’s largest crime syndicate, Bonten.

  • Final Arc

Three deities Arc

To save Manjiro Sano, Takemichi Hanagaki returns to the past after shaking hands with him. Instead of the usual twelve years back, he jumps ten years. Takemichi promises to save Mikey from his suffering.

Kanto Manji Arc

Following the conclusion of the battle of three deities, the Kanto Manji Gang become the top gang in Japan. The most recent timeline becomes a reality as Takemichi forms his gang in order to defeat Mikey.

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