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Who doesn’t love a masterfully curated well-crafted story that has both action and a lot of heart put into it? Here are some of the best fighting animes that keep you hooked to your seat from the ever first moment.

1. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

With an absolutely intriguing premise, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood’s story revolves around two brothers trying to collect an important object called “Philosopher’s Stone”. The brothers need it because the stone is the only way to piece back themselves after they got shattered, literally shattered when they tried to use their alchemy skills to bring back their mother from the arms of death. But the catch is, when one brother lost his limbs, the other one got completely broken into pieces. The brother who is capable of researching does his best to figure out how to get back to their original self, but the thing is everyone is after the Philosopher’s Stone, some of those reasons are beyond understanding to them, some of the reasons are too deadly.

With an extremely amazing storyline and great characters, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is about brotherhood, it’s about family, it’s about fighting against all odds. One of the highest-rated anime called one of the best fighting anime several times this is surely something that everyone should watch.

2. Attack on Titan

You have to hear about this anime, it’s impossible to ignore the massive popularity it has gained. Having held the position of best fighting anime series for quite a long time, Attack On Titan is the story of a time when man-eating Titans have invaded everywhere. Even though humans put up a boundary to protect themselves, soon that boundary is broken by a Titan who smashes through everything. Soon, it reaches the point where our protagonist loses his family to Titans, reaching a point where he vows to destroy every Titan.

Without giving you spoilers, it can be said that the fact that it was called the best anime fighting series, truly deserves that credit. With the myriad of supremely interesting characters and more intense fighting scenes, Attack on Titan is a must-watch. Its second season gets more interesting and more intense, and not only that it also becomes the best fighting anime 2017.

3. Bungo Stray Dogs

Bungo Stray Dogs best fighting anime

With a very interesting premise and intriguing storyline, one of the best anime of 2016 Bungo Stray Dogs follows detectives with supernatural powers. There are some cases that are too dangerous for the police, that’s when comes special detectives fight the most dangerous threats and solve cases that are seemingly impossible to solve in the common eye.

Being a story that centers around detectives with supernatural powers, you can only imagine how great the fighting scenes can be. Being one of the best fighting anime series this is highly recommended for both the fan of detective shows and action shows.

4. Jujutsu Kaisen

One of the best fighting anime on Netflix, Jujutsu Kaisen is the story of Yuji Itadori running against time within his numbered days trying to find all the cursed talisman so it can die with him. As much as the story starts with a boy’s quest to destroy curses, it becomes so much more with each episode.

With its intense storyline, the fighting just makes it so much better. If you are a fan of action, you would love Jujutsu Kaisen. With its second season on the horizon, this is the perfect time to catch-up with one of the best fighting anime.

5. My Hero Academia

A story that starts with a boy’s heartfelt wish of becoming a hero and how his dreams and selfless actions grant him that chance. Even though it seems getting the wish granted is the most crucial step, the story only gets more interesting from there. As our protagonist enters an academy where next-generation heroes are trained, we witness one of the best fighting animes 2016.

Even though it’s a different story, but if you still have that nostalgia of Beyblade or Bakugan Battle Brawlers, and loved to root for heroes amongst fights, My Hero Academia will become your next favourite watch.

6. Sword Art Online

One of the best sword fighting anime for a reason. Even though reality can get harsh sometimes, what happens when the fight is next level? When is the fight shifted to virtual reality? The catch is, when a player joins the game of Sword Art Online, there life becomes bound to the game’s avatar. If the Avatar in the game dies, the player’s body in real life dies too. One can only imagine how much is it stake here! This is what makes this one of the best fighting anime.

With characters that you’d grow to love, and lots of breathtaking moments, Sword Art Online is a highly recommended anime. This is a fight of life; this is a fight to be free from a game that has taken over people’s lives. More importantly there are conspiracies running deeper than any of us could’ve ever anticipated. The pacing is extremely great, with good storytelling and absolutely amazing fighting scenes, Sword Art Online is a definite watch.

7. Bleach

How can we not talk about Bleach when we are talking about best fighting anime? It is one of those classic fighting animes that you can’t help but keep coming back to, that you can’t help but keep recommending. It is something that never loses its charm, nor its brilliance. Our protagonist Ichigo has a gift he didn’t ask for, which is to see ghosts. But this is something that changes his life for the greater good. When Ichigo faces a threat from a ghost that could’ve harmed his family, he takes up the role of Soul Reaper and vows to protect the innocents in the face of all evils. Hailed as one of the best fighting anime, gaining classic status, regarded as the best sword fighting anime, bleach is unmissable.

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8. Demon Slayer

demon slayer best fighting anime

How much great and critically acclaimed this finding anime got, it’s no news to the audience. Even if you are not an avid anime watcher, you’d still hear about it. Being one of the best fighting anime of 2019, this is the story of a boy trying to save his sister who was turned into a demon. The story only gets more heartbreaking, as the boy’s quest begins after he loses his family to demons. One of the best fighting anime 2020, the story is heart-wrenching, it’s hard-hitting, it’s unforgettable. The protagonist is someone, you can never forget about.

Not to forget that the anime goes on to get a movie in 2020, names Demon Slayer:  Mugen Train, which goes on to become one of the best fighting anime of 2020. Its critical acclaim is truly well-deserved.

9. Banana Fish

banana Fish best fighting anime

It’s a dark, gritty anime that deals with a lot of dark themes, it doesn’t shy away from taking the difficult road. The story starts with our protagonist searching the meaning behind a man’s death and what he tried to tell in his final moments. Soon it develops into a fight between a mafia boss and a man looking for redemption. But the thing is, the road to Redemption isn’t that easy. From dealing with hard-hitting concepts to showing fights, escapes, time-bound challenges, it has claimed the title of the best fighting anime 2018.

Do check out the premise and warnings, before diving into the story. It is one of those stories that grips your attention from the very first moment but also gives you a nail-biting, bone-chilling experience as the story progresses. Called the best anime fighting series for a reason.

10. Naruto

Naruto best fighting anime

Ending this list with one and only Naruto. It would’ve been unfair not to include this masterpiece in this list. If we are talking about animes that deal with action and fighting, we have to talk about Naruto. You’ve probably heard about it everywhere, but still, it’s not enough. Naruto is no longer just a show, it’s the best fighting anime series.

The story of Naruto is extremely heartfelt. Once you enter his world, there’s no leaving him behind. Naruto becomes a part of your forever recommended list, his quest, his journey, his dreams of becoming the next Hokage from starting out as a Ninja. All that can be said is, watching Naruto is totally worth it.

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